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"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is time to continue our capital campaign, Our Home, His House, Our Children's Future, which was disrupted by the Covid pandemic. This campaign will provide for the future financial stability of our Parish and fulfill our obligation to repay borrowed funds used to purchase out beautiful and iconic Ave Maria Church and to provide for ongoing maintenance. Your gifts will strengthen our Parish for generations."

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"Beginning efforts raised over $1.4 million and to date we have collected over $1 million. Our challenge goal for this campaign is $2 million and our victory goal is $3 million. To repay our debt for the Church and for completed maintenance totals $10 million. Launching a capital campaign requires the participation and effort of every Parish family. Please join me in making a meaningful and sacrificial commitment to Our Home, His House, Our Children's Future."


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, 
Father David M. Vidal, PhD

"Thank you for your support and prayers for Ave Maria Parish!"

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