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Image by Acton Crawford

We have unprecedented, nationwide demand from parents and students

flocking to the rapidly-growing haven of Ave Maria.

"The quality of Donahue Academy’s Catholic classical education is renown. That’s why we welcomed 50 new students this year and well over 110 more who have already inquired for next year with hope of attending. Families are moving to Ave Maria so their children can attend Donahue Academy, but the majority of our classes are already waitlisted."

We’re at full capacity with 340 students.

Next year’s new students who hope to attend currently have nowhere to go.

"The Church and our nation need more Donahue Academy graduates. Now is the time to complete Phase 1 of our building. There is enough unused space to add four new classrooms and enable Donahue Academy to serve 450 students."


With your partnership, we can make it happen!

"Donahue Academy challenges you to stand up in front of an entire community, make a claim and then boldly defend it … something I’ve relied on heavily in the face of all the new viewpoints I’ve encountered in college."

Donahue Academy
Equipping Children for Life and Eternity!

- Abbey Lawe, ‘20

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